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Melbourne Landscape Gardening deliver quality turf installation and laying services across Melbourne.

A lawn can make a house look terrific or tired. To convert an old spread of grass into a grand expanse of turf that is not difficult but turf laying requires knowledge, muscle and regular maintenance. Why not save yourself time and effort and call the experts? 

Do you want a lush, green lawn or a finely trimmed one? Our initial assessment will calculate the amount of sun and shade that the area gets as these factors limit your choice of grass. 

We will analyse the soil. Melbourne has generally three types of soil – basalt (western and northern suburbs), sandy (south-eastern suburbs) and clay (eastern suburbs). Each type of soil needs different treatments to prepare it for turf installation.

We will ask you about the amount of traffic on each area of lawn; for instance, where the barbecue is, where the children play, where the pets sleep.

After discussing all these aspects of turf laying, we will be able give you a quote.

Turf Installation Melbourne

Turf Laying

Turf laying in Melbourne

There are several steps to turf laying. The whole process will take weeks for the soil to be prepared and the grass to grow. 

First, we measure the lawn area you want improved. We measure it in squares, triangles and other shapes as needed to fit your garden. 

We remove all old lawn, weeds, rocks, building waste. If the soil is clay, we remove the top layer of old soil; if it’s sandy, we turn it over and mix organic compost into it.

We spread the turf underlay (if required) and a water-efficient starter fertiliser.

We cut the turf to fit around garden beds, established trees and shrubs, play equipment etc, making sure that drainage is away from the house and other buildings.

Turf installation is just the beginning. Our turf installation and laying services include advice on when and how often to water your new grass. We can also provide garden maintenance services that include regular mowing and trimming.

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Our Benefits

Save Time and Effort

Relax while Melbourne Landscape Gardening prepares your site, source and supply the turf, measure and install your new lawn. 

Horticultural Experts

Melbourne Landscape Gardening has a team of horticultural experts who are knowledgeable about the range of grasses suitable for your site. We analyse the soil and provide appropriate water management and fertilising to give your new lawn the optimum conditions to grow. We also advice on maintenance and care to do with fertilising, weeding, aeration, top coating coring, and more.

 Common Problems

List of common problems our turf laying specialists find.


Fertiliser will only improve the health of soil if the soil has enough nutrients in it. It won’t help grass to grow if, for instance, the lawn is beneath large trees sucking all the water, or from constant foot traffic.


This is a common problem, that people order only what they think they will need. Melbourne Landscape Gardening saves all offcuts to fill in gaps when turf laying, but from experience, we know that ordering a bit extra is always wise.


Like all plants, lawn grass needs care and maintenance. Melbourne Landscape Gardening can advise on how much and when to fertilise and water, or you can employ our garden maintenance services.

 Common Problems

List of common problems our turf laying specialists find.

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